We are recruiting for Spring 2024!

Interested in joining?

Join the mailing list for more detailed updates! Email caldragonboat@gmail.com if you cannot make it.

Come find out what we’re all about, and experience what it is like to make a boat go fast with just your body and a paddle! No prior experience is needed to try out.

Anyone can try out for the team, regardless of experience or physical ability, as long as you are a current UC Berkeley student. Depending on the team’s needs, we usually hold semesterly tryouts for students who are interested in joining. Those who make it past the tryouts would be invited to an in-person interview.

You are strongly encouraged to come to our infosessions, which take place at the beginning of every semester that we recruit. We will tell you about our open water practices and the tryout process. Open water practices are geared towards those without paddling experience, so don’t be scared to come out! We will update the website once we have the recruitment details ready. You may also find recruitment information on our Linktree found on Instagram.

In person, we practice twice a week on weekends at Jack London Aquatic Center or Berkeley Marina. During the weekdays, we train individually or in groups off the water. You are expected to commit 5-10 hours per week to training.

Make sure to follow us on Instagram for more updates and take a look at the FAQ page or contact caldragonboat@gmail.com if you have more questions!